CreGAAtine with a neutral or orange flavor.
The choice is yours.

Provides 8.5x more creatine

No side effects

4 ways of cell entry

Brain food

Provides more strength

Innovative packaging

Why is CreGAAtine better than creatine?

CreGAAtine is a unique protected creatine-based formula that also contains its GAA precursor – guanidinoacetic acid. It works magic on both your body and your brain. It was developed by Applied Bioenergetics Lab and Carnomed.

A scientifically created dietary supplement

A scientifically created dietary supplement

CreGAAtine is a dietary supplement produced on the basis of scientific evidence. You can read more about the science behind CreGAAtine in the pdf summary “A Little Science” or go into an even more detailed analysis with more than 200 GAA scientific studies

Read "A Little Science" PDF
Award-winning creatine formulation

Award-winning creatine formulation

CreGAAtine is safe, patented and doping-free. The study of the effects of the combination of creatine with its precursor was awarded by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).

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It dramatically improves creatine levels

It dramatically improves creatine levels

CreGAAtine improves creatine levels in the muscles and brain. Many people are deficient in creatine due to deficient intake. Take a look at a study or lecture on creatine that shows how much creatine you need.

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Creatine is good. CreGAAtine is even better!​

Studies have shown that creatine is beneficial for our body. But we know that CreGAAtine is much better and more effective.
Take a look at the short animation below, and find out just how CreGAAtine works.

Product Evolution

We are informing you that we have recently introduced minor changes in the production process of our product CreGAAtine with the aim of enhancing its quality.

Until now, CreGAAtine has been a suspension, meaning a “cloudy and opaque” solution where particles were “floating” in the liquid and as a result a portion of it remained undissolved. By introducing a finer granulation of the raw material, we have managed to transform the product into a clear and transparent solution. However, due to the generally low solubility of the GAA component itself and the improved solubility of creatine, it is possible that a certain amount of GAA dissolves more slowly(depending on temperature, water quantity, and mixing duration). As a result, in the new, clearer solution, this same amount of undissolved GAA falls to the bottom of the glass and is more easily visible, creating the impression that the previous version of CreGAAtine had better solubility, even though that is not actually the case.

However, it is very important to note that regardless of how you consume the product: fully dissolved, partially dissolved, or completely undissolved, it will always be absorbed; the difference lies only in the speed of absorption. We consistently use pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, and the product is of guaranteed quality, verified by an accredited laboratory.

Our recommendation is to always dissolve the product in warm/hot water and mix it thoroughly for better dissolution of the components and slightly faster absorption.

Because the opinion of users who consume our product is valuable to us, please write to us and share your impressions so that we can continue improving quality and provide you with the best experience.

What are the most important benefits?

Powerful and explosive

Ordinary creatine increases muscle creatine levels by about 2%. CreGAAtine, on the other hand, generates increases of 16.9%, which is 8.5 times more than if we take creatine monohydrate alone.

Always with you

Creatine, which comes in larger packages and quantities, is converted to an inactive form of creatinine due to moisture absorption. The premium ingredients of CreGAAtina are protected in three-layer bags of pharmaceutical quality.

No water retention

CreGAAtine leads to better results and doesn’t limit you to excessive water retention in your muscles. This is especially important in sports where body weight is an important category.

Nootropic for the ambitious and versatile

CreGAAtine produces up to 3.9 times more creatine in gray matter and 1.9 times more in white matter. This increase is supposed to improve your memory, perception, learning and concentration.

CreGAAtinize your cells

CreGAAtine replenishes your cells with extra creatine using additional pathways to enter the cell. Thanks to the improved bioenergy, your cells will be pleasantly surprised and will function significantly better.

Perfect for both him and her

CreGAAtine is perfect for those who want to naturally increase their energy and improve physical and mental performance, regardless of gender and age.

Order your CreGAAtine package today!

CreGAAtine is available in packs of 60 single-dose sachets.

– 2000 mg * – guanodinoacetic acid (GAA)
– 2000 mg * – creatine monohydrate
* RDI (Reference Daily Intake)
– Other ingredients: anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide)

Recommended dose for consumption:
Use during the day. Amount needed to achieve the beneficial effects of the product: 1 sachet 2 times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Storage conditions:
Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Precautions: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using the product. The product is not suitable for children and people who are allergic to any ingredient. The preparation is not a replacement for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body. This product is not a medicine and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suitable for vegetarians / vegans.



Did you know?

CreGAAtine is a unique protected creatine-based formula that also contains its GAA precursor – guanidinoacetic acid. It works magic on both your body and your brain. It was developed by Applied Bioenergetics Lab and Carnomed.

Breast milk contains creatine and GAA

Breast milk contains creatine and GAA

We believe that nature knows best. It has ensured that you get all the wonderful ingredients you find in CreGAAtine as soon as you are born.

Immediately before or after training

Immediately before or after training

CreGAAtine works best with exercise. Twice a day, mix 1 sachet with water or any other liquid to increase your energy.

You can combine it

You can combine it

CreGAAtine can be used with other additives.

Don’t wait for the results

Don’t wait for the results

CreGAAtine does not require a “charging phase”

The best support for your body and all activities

We help the body to rebuild and to increase capacity. Through the combined action of our ingredients, the effects will be optimal. We are simply the best trainers of metabolic functions to achieve fit form. The cells will be given the fuel to engage in all areas of life – professional sports, recreation and everyday challenges, regardless of age. We are completely natural and optimized to coordinate all the functions of the body and raise its abilities beyond your current limits.

Others spend a lot of words and effort to tell you how great they are. With us, however, this is quite simple:

We are the best!

Regular use of KARNOZIN EXTRA ® helps the body to mitigate the consequences of the harmful effects of the environment, food, medicine and its own biochemical processes! KARNOZIN EXTRA ® was developed by a team of top scientists after more than 15 years of research in order to achieve 100% efficiency of L-carnosine in the body of the recipient. The product DOES NOT CONTAIN ingredients of animal origin.

KOLOSTRUM EXTRA PURE GOLD ® is made with a patented method of freezing, on the basis of which the composition of all suitable substances is on average 40% higher than other preparations available on the market. It also makes the body resistant to infectious, acute and chronic diseases.

KOMPLEX Q10 ® ensures the maximum use of coenzyme Q10 in cells. This is because this special formula allows it to pass through the cell membrane of mitochondria. Most products on the market based on Q10 cannot do this, so they cannot provide you with adequate quality for invested money. This is why the KOMPLEX Q10 ® is special.

They help you achieve better results in building your body. They are optimal bricks for your body that support each other and with which you build your body.



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