How Cregaatine could improve MMA performance

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports.

MMA fights range from 3 to 5 five minutes rounds intercept with one-minute rest between the rounds. The physiological demands are mainly supported by oxidative phosphorylation. However, MMA is also characterized by a combination of a short burst of high-intensity actions interspersed by lower intensity actions.

Creatine vs CreGAAtine in MMA

Why is cregaatine better for MMA fighters ???

It has all the creatine capabilities but adition of GAA gives him a hump over the edge.

  • Cregaatine improves weaker muscle groups, usually upper body, which could make the difference in striking and stand up fighting
  • Cregaatine does not influence body weight and body water, unlike creatine does
  • Cregaatine has antioxidant and pro-oxidant capacities
  • Cregaatine increases levels of brain creatine more efficiently than any other creatine supplement. This could influence decision-making strategies and enhance alertness
  • There is no need for loading phase with cregaatine supplementation

Overall, with the addition of GAA to all the creatine benefits, Cregaatine is the best formulation for MMA Fighters.

CreGAAtine – MMA