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Information on cregaatin. Why is cregaatine better than creatine? What are all the benefits of cregaatin? What cregaatine helps us with?

The best supplements for muscle mass

In the realm of fitness, dietary supplements have become a prevalent topic of discussion. Yet, the distinction between a dietary supplement as part of a balanced diet and its association with doping remains a complex puzzle.

GAA and creatine for elderly

The objective of this pilot trial was to evaluate the effects of 8-week GAA-creatine supplementation versus placebo on skeletal muscle and brain creatine levels, cognitive function, functional outcomes, and safety biomarkers in men and women aged 65 years and older.

Research on the action of Kre-alkaline vs. CreGAAtine

In our first text, we will make a brief review of scientific studies that have examined the effects of Kre-alkaline and CreGAAtine. In the following text, we will first analyze the data from the study on the efficacy of Kre-alkaline, and then explain what scientific data is behind CreGAAtine.
Prof dr Sergej Ostijoć

Prof. dr. Sergej Ostojić – podcast (ang)

In this podcast, we talked about creatine and who should use it, why it is so effective, and how it can improve our cognitive abilities, fitness, and strength. We also talked about where our energy comes from and how we…

Pospeševalec mišic - kreatin z GAA

Muscle booster – creatine with GAA

Creatine is the most commonly used supplement (in addition to protein supplements), which shortens the regeneration time after training and increases athletic performance. Providing the right amount of creatine (most often in the form of a monohydrate) can increase the…

Trojni dodatek - karnozin, GAA in kreatin

Triple supplement – carnosine, GAA and creatine

Triple supplement – carnosine, GAA and creatine Proteins and fats are the basic structural elements of the body. However, their functioning would be disrupted if there were no elements that maintain proper energy and acid-base cell homeostasis. In this context,…

Karnozin v mišicah športnika

Carnosine in the muscles of an athlete

Carnosine is a dipeptide composed of two amino acids: histidine and β-alanine. It is produced in the body, but it can also be obtained through food or in the form of supplements. β-alanine is a factor that strongly influences carnosine…