Karnozin Extra®


food supplement
120 capsules

A unique formula

Composition of the supplement:

L-carnosine (β-alanyl-L-histidine), vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl succinate), coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, blueberry extract (Vacciniummyrtillus), grape seed extract (Vitisvinifera).

Anti-doping certificate

Carnosine Extra has been approved as a safe supplement by an independent certified laboratory. Confirmation here

From this diagram, the superiority of Karnozin Extra over L-Carnosine is clearly visible. The diagram nicely shows the difference in absorption during the operation time of both.

The difference between pure L-Karnozin and Karnozin Extra

L-Karnozin was discovered 100 years ago. Why hasn’t it become popular before?

The big problem with L-Karnozin is that it only works in “in vitro” conditions. Which means it basically only works in the laboratory when it is added directly to the cells. When food is taken into our body, it does not go directly into the cells, but goes through many phases of metabolic processes and there is a decrease in the amount or loss of carnosine.

A typical meal containing red meat provides 250 mg of pure carnosine, which is broken down very quickly in the human body by the enzyme carnosinase. This means that even when a person relies on red meat as a source of carnosine, it does not exist in the body long enough to be able to provide protective effects. The situation is exactly the same with various dietary supplements containing pure L-Karnozin. When you take a supplement containing pure L-Karnozin, it is absorbed less than 20%. Usually somewhere between 10 to 15%. So, if you are considering taking dietary supplements containing pure carnosine, we recommend that you give them up because you will achieve too little effect or use it.

Karnozin Extra is a food supplement with L-Karnozin content made according to a special formula that protects it from the process of carnosinase (carnosinase is an enzyme that breaks down Karnozin and thus makes it almost useless). The formula of the product Karnozin Extra enables the maintenance of a constant and high concentration of carnosine in the blood and tissues for 8-12 hours. This greatly simplifies taking the supplement because it only needs to be taken in the morning and evening to cover the entire 24-hour period. If you want to achieve the same effect with regular L-Carnosine as you achieve with Karnozin Extra, it would be necessary to take it every 30 minutes. You would also need much higher doses (between 1 mg and 2 mg of pure carnosine every hour). Price comparability, however, definitely tilts the situation to the side of Karnozin Extra.

Karnozin is a 100% natural compound – a protein, a dipeptide composed of two amino acids: beta-alanine and L-histidine. It is also called a neuropeptide because of its protective role in the nervous system, especially in the brain. Karnozin is naturally found in the human body. The highest concentrations are in skeletal muscle, heart, cerebellum, and cerebral cortex. Its action is most pronounced in so-called “excitable” tissues such as muscle and nerve tissue. In them, the most important thing is to maintain the appropriate pH and electrical charge. Studies to date have shown that carnosine levels in the body depend on gender (more in men), age (decreases with age) and diet (vegetarians have lower levels of carnosine in skeletal muscle).

Karnozin Extra, taken orally, has absolutely no side effects. It is compatible with any medical therapy, does not interfere with any known ingredient or compound, and is scientifically proven to be safe for children, even infants. When using it in sports, it is important to know that carnosine, according to official data from the World Anti-Doping Organization, is not doping. Karnozin Extra is also certified. It is a completely non-toxic natural protein.


Karnozin Extra and athletes – or why Karnozin Extra is better than L-Carnosine

  •     neutralization of lactic acid in the muscles and thus a delay in the onset of fatigue
  •     increase muscle contractility, strength and endurance
  •     increase in strength and endurance of the heart muscle up to 30%
  •     accelerating muscle response to brain stimuli – faster responses and better coordination of movements
  •     reduction of oxidative stress caused by increased physical activity – acceleration of the regeneration process
  •     support for collagen synthesis – increasing the mobility and flexibility of the joint apparatus
  •     disposal of waste products of metabolism after demanding training


In addition to its use in sports, it has many other positive effects in the most severe diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, autism, anti-aging effect, chelation effect, etc.


A unique formula

Composition of the supplement:

L-carnosine (β-alanyl-L-histidine), vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl succinate), coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, blueberry extract (Vacciniummyrtillus), grape seed extract (Vitisvinifera).

Anti-doping certificate

Karnozin Extra has been approved as a safe supplement by an independent certified laboratory. Confirmation here



KARNOZIN EXTRA ® helps in cell regeneration.

It rejuvenates cells and gives them energy. It is a top antioxidant with an anti-inflammatory effect, a neurotransmitter and at the same time important for the protection of nerves and heart. It consists of 6 very potent antioxidants with synergistic action. It belongs to a group of products that affect mitochondria, or cellular energy centers. Due to its long-lasting effect, it enables cells to regain energy to restore their optimal functioning, receive nutrients and excrete waste, thus contributing to faster regeneration. Important for athletes, recreationists, as well as for everyone else. It rejects stressors and affects psychophysical well-being. It is ideal for prevention, and at the same time it has been proven to help with various poor conditions and diseases. And the best part? It is free of side effects and doping free.


Recommended for:

  •     Persons with compromised immunity;
  •     Persons under severe stress;
  •     Patients with multiple sclerosis;
  •     Patients with cardiovascular disease;
  •     People with diabetes of both types;
  •     Persons with psychiatric disorders;
  •     Persons with neurodegenerative diseases;
  •     Children with developmental disorders (autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, dyslexia);
  •     Athletes and extremely active people.


With regular use of KARNOZIN EXTRA ®, a person helps the body to mitigate the consequences of the harmful effects of the environment, food, medicines and its own biochemical processes! KARNOZIN EXTRA ® was developed by a team of top scientists after more than 15 years of research to achieve 100% effectiveness of L-carnosine in the recipient’s body. The product DOES NOT CONTAIN ingredients of animal origin.

1 capsule contains: L-carnosine 125 mg, vitamin E 20 mg, coenzyme Q10 20 mg, L-carnitine 20 mg, blueberry extract 20 mg, grape seed extract 20 mg.

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