How Cregaatine could improve Basketball performance

Basketball is intermittent high- intensitysport characterized by periods of high aerobic oxidative and anaerobic glycolytic demands. It prevails with continues changes of direction that challenge the neuromuscular system, including accelerations and decelerations, jumps, sprints, physical contact, and sport- specific skills.

Creatine vs CreGAAtine in Basketball

Why is cregaatine better for basketball players ???

It has all the creatine capabilities but adition of GAA gives him a hump over the edge.

CREGAATINE improves weaker muscle groups, usually upper body, which could make the huge impact on basketball performance

CREGAATINE improves repeated sprints, agility and could make a huge impact on basketball performance

CREGAATINE has antioxidant and pro-oxidant capacities

CREGAATINE can enhance recovery and prevent injuries

CREGAATINE increases levels of brain creatine more efficiently than any other creatine supplement. This could influence decision-making strategies and enhance alertness

There is no need for loading phase with CREGAATINE supplementation

Basketball is a sport where one second can make the difference between champions and losers. CREGAATINE can provide a slight improvement in basketball performance, which can be the decider in clutch situations.


CREGAATINE – basketball