How Cregaatine could improve Soccer performance

Soccer performance is complex and depends upon a myriad of factors such as technical, tactical, mental and physiological.

Soccer is an aerobic sport, interspersed with short periods of high intensity and anaerobic actions. However, these anaerobic moments are the ones that are most important in the game.

Creatine vs CreGAAtine in Soccer

Why is cregaatine better for soccer players???

It has all the creatine capabilities but adition of GAA gives him a hump over the edge.

  • Cregaatine could further improve repeated-sprinting ability
  • Cregatine can improve football-specific skills (e.g. dribbling; jumping; passing; shooting)
  • Cregaatine increases levels of brain creatine more efficiently than any other creatine supplement. This could influence decision-making strategies and enhance alertness
  • Cregaatine can enhance endurance and reduce fatigue
  • Cregaatine has antioxidant and pro-oxidant capacities
  • Cregaatine will not increase body weight and total body water kot kreatin.
  • There is no need for loading phase with cregaatine supplementation

Cregaatine is revolutional formulation of creatine and GAA. It has the potential to raise soccer performance on a higher level, and it can definitely be a game-changer.

Cregaatine – Spots ENG pdf